About Aurora Lodge 100

Aurora Lodge #100 is part of the over 12000 men who proudly call themselves Masons of Minnesota.  We are located at 205 1/2 South Sixth St in downtown Brainerd.  Our mailing address is PO Box 82, Brainerd MN 56401.  We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, serving dinner at 6 PM and meeting starting at 7 PM.

Image result for square and compass   Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternity in existence today with it roots going back centuries.  In ancient times, stonemasons and other craftsman bonded together for the purpose of gaining better wages, thus providing a better lifestyle for their families.  These organizations were called guilds and they met in shelter homes they called lodges.  The square and compass became the symbol of their trades and brotherhood.  Over time, Freemasonry evolved into what it is today.  We are a brotherhood of men that is built on the foundation of self improvement, respect for others, caring for the less fortunate,and helping those in need.  Through these actions we develop honesty, integrity, kindness, and fairness and hope to better ourselves and our communities.